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The position of Grete Boke is a Lesser office under the jurisdiction of the greater office of Chronicler; the officer sees to the collection of, maintenance, organization and preservation of SCA History for their level. Therefore, holders of said office may be found at all levels including kingdom, principality and branches (baronies, shires, etc.). The position may also be known as Branch Grete Boke Officer or Branch Historian¹.

The populace is encouraged to send the Grete Boke copies of articles, stories and photographs for inclusion in the history. It is recommended that copies of newsletters be sent to the Grete Boke. If the position is not filled, the responsibilities fall to that of the Chronicler.

Performance of Duties

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Relation with Chronicler

Grete Boke works closely with the Chronicler, and may be considered in some areas akin to a deputy position.

Relation with other Offices

In addition to acting as an assistant to the Chronicler, Grete Boke may assist other officers directly or indirectly. Some examples are listed below.

  • Webminister: Grete Boke may be able to provide pictures for the website. They may also be able to recover and digitize (i.e., type, scan, etc.) older documents and pass them off.
  • Event Steward: Grete Boke may provide pictures of a past event so that the current Steward for said event may review lay-out or activities in a visual manner. They may also be able to provide pictures so the Steward can visually identify who assisted and provide thanks proper.




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