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Title: The holders of Grants of Arms may style themselves "Lord" or "Lady", or in some areas, "The Honourable Lord" or "The Honourable Lady." They may be addressed as "Your Lordship" or "Your Ladyship." Third-person references should use the title form instead of "His/Her Lord/Ladyship." See also: Forms of Address

An Tir does not give a 'bare' Grant of Arms, it is an accompaniment to certain of An Tir's kingdom-level awards, as follows:

(A "keeper" posting from the Steps, 1 June XLI/2006)

(In other kingdoms, intermediate awards don't always come with a Grant of Arms as they do in An Tir.)

The intermediate level awards in the West (Leaves of Achievement: Leaf of Merit, for service; Rose Leaf, for A & S; and Ash Leaf, for combat and combat support activities) do not carry a Grant of Arms. In Ansteorra, there are two intermediate levels of awards kingdom-wide: those that carry an AoA if the recipient does not already have one, and those that carry a GoA if the recipient does not already have one. I have been told that the Middle similarly has two levels of intermediate kingdom awards. And so it goes ....

The Patents of Arms (Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, and the royal peerages) are the same throughout the Knowne World. But awards given by the various kingdoms vary *widely* in the structure of precedence when examined on an interkingdom basis.

Sister Guineth, far traveler