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Charter of the House of Filii Lupus

Filii Lupus (Latin for Children of the Wolf) is a House comprised of Roman Artisans and Gladiators within the House of Astaroth. The House strives for the preservation of the sanctity of the Roman Empire, supporting the House of Astaroth and preparing Gladiators to prove their supremacy in battle.


• Dominus and/or Domina (referenced as Domini henceforth) are the rulers of Filii Lupus with regards to the overall operation of the House and Artisans.
• The Lanista is responsible for the training and preparation of the Gladiators, as well as, being trusted counsel to the Domini.
• Representation of Filii Lupus on the Baronial Council of Elders shall be through the leadership of Filii Lupus. The Domini may serve as representative House Elder or appoint another in their place.

The Artisans

• The Artisans promote the arts of the era including culinary arts, alchemy and apothecary arts, clothier and arts of expressions.

The Gladiators

• Under the training, guidance and command of the Lanista, the Gladiators protect the house of Filii Lupus and support those who are our allies.
• Under certain situations, Gladiators need not be members of the House but must be willing to fight with their fellow combatants at the command of the Lanista.
• Those Gladiators not members of the House must have their position and role defined by contract agreed upon by the individual, the Lanista and mutual House Elders, if they are members of Astaroth.
• If they are members of another Branch, the mutually agreed upon contract will be presented to the Lord of Astaroth before final approval.


• To become a member of the House of Filii Lupus requires the following:
• Artisans

  - The demonstrated ability in a given art that brings honor to Filii Lupus and advances the house OR the desire to learn from the existing Artisans.
- A Request made to the Domini, with the thoughts of the applicant as to what they will bring to the house and a pledge to support and promote the future of Filii Lupus and the Artisans.

• Gladiators

  - A request must be made to the Lanista. They will determine the requirements for membership on the roster of Gladiators and any training required.
- The Lanista will inform the Domini of the desires of the new recruit and the requirements for admission to the Gladiators roster.
- Approval as a full Gladiator is at the sole discretion of the Lanista.

Step Down

• The Domini will notify the Lanista.
• Together, they will determine who would be the best person to lead Filii Lupus.
• The new Domini must have been a member of Filii Lupus for a minimum of 6 months.
• The Domini will name his replacement.


• Domini
• To remove the Domini from his position will require the following:

  - Support from the majority of the Gladiators.
- Support from the majority of the Artisans.
- The Domini may opt to resign in the face of this opposition or, with the support of the Lanista, determine that the uprising must be settled on the field of battle. If this option is selected, a time and place will be established and communicated to the House.
- If a battle is required, the Lanista will define the battle requirements and communicate that to the opposing faction.

• Lanista
• To remove the Lanista from his position will require the following:

  - Support from the majority of the Gladiators.
- Notification to the Domini.
- Selection of the method of combat, whether it be man to man or force to force. If either side fails to agree, the determination will be made by the Domini of Filii Lupus.

People learned this was a place they could come and learn to be a fighter, be educated, and earn respect and status in a house and society. It mattered not what your past was only what you wanted your future to be, and your dedication to making that future happen.

Filii Lupus stands for the foundation on which it was created:
Freedom from tyranny and oppression
We will stand together for we are family. We ARE Filii Lupus.