Elizabeth Blackdane

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Elizabeth Blackdane ("the other EB") is an English gentlewoman with lineage that could have caused trouble if she hadn't quite so much plain common sense. She lives in a modest but comfortable house near the town of Ewell, Surrey. She admits that her greatest fault is being far too fond of fine array, and is thrilled to receive an old gown each New Year from her cousin, Her Majesty the Queen.

For Lady Elizabeth, this is the year of Our Lord 1595.

SCA Interests

16thC tailoring, historical needlework, research - and everything involved in being a late 16thC gentlewoman. Currently working on adding more practical wear to her wardrobe, and improving her French. Below is an incomplete pictorial chronography of her work (full outfits).

AS 16, Three Rivers, Calontir

AS 21/22 Three Mountains, AnTir

AS 24

AS 25

AS 28/29

AS 30

[[File:] Sometimes, friends borrow her clothes (and end up looking remarkably like Christina of Denmark).

Modern Life

In the early 21st Century, Meagn is cleverly disguised as a legal professional working in arraignment court. When court is not is session and she is not sewing, she is preoccupied with in patching up and maintaining a 108-year-old home in the city. She loves having SCA guests!