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Doireann Dechti

SCA History


Greetings from Doireann Dechti, resident of the Shire of Cragmere!

I have been in the SCA since June 1998, and became interested in heraldry right away. All of these years later, I still love heraldry, with it's interesting mix of rules and creativity.

I served as the branch herald for Cragmere from May 1999 until January 2006, and served after that as deputy to our next branch herald, HL Charles le Verdier.

In the first few years, I learned from and eventually helped, the An Tir College of Heralds through their email list and Heraldic Symposia. I still have very much to learn.

In May 2002, I accepted the office of Black Stag Herald - Black Lion's Educational Deputy - and ended my tenure in October 2005. In that time, I arranged and ran three An Tir Heraldic Symposia. I have now also organized and run the first Tir Righ Heraldic Symposium, held in April 2010.

On June 25, 2005, I was honored to become a protege to Master James Llewellyn ap Gruffyd.

I have earned my Magistrae Ithra teaching Introduction To Heraldry, and have also taught Designing Your Device, and the Core class Basic Heraldry.

I have autocratted several small events, usually our May picnic, and occasionally an Autumn revel or Yule. At out-of-shire events, you will likely find me at the list table, and I have recently helped on the archery range as well.

As of March 15, 2009, I had started my reign of, I mean... term, as seneschal of Cragmere. In 2011, Cragmere dissolved, and our lands and wonderful people joined the Shire of Hartwood.

<font="arial">First Event: Hartwood Birthday Bash, June 20, 1998.


Currently living in the Shire of Hartwood, formerly Cragmere.

Awards & Fealty

  1. Silver Swan (Cragmere) - December 30, 2000/AS 35
  2. Award of Arms March - 22, 2003/AS 37
  3. Goutte de Sang March - 22, 2003/AS 37
  4. Magistrae Ithra - July 7, 2003/AS 38
  5. Silver Pillar - June 23, 2007/AS 42
  6. l'Etoile d'Argent - December 3, 2011/AS 46

HL Finna Kettilsdottir, HL Scathach ingen Conmail, HL Cunegonda van den Bossche, and Lady Ceridwen del Ravensfeld

Coat of Arms

Per pale argent and sable, a bears head cabossed counterchanged. Yes, I am aware that the blazon does not match the current image.

Persona History

Infamy & Activities

Served as a Herald to both Principality and shire!.

Halima al-Rakkasa 00:00, 10 Jul 2008 (PDT)

As of October 31, 2009, Dori has immersed herself in flame-working, beginning with taking a class; I don't remember if

it started with an Ithra or a TUTR session, but it was one of the SCA education venues (Dori edit: I first learned flame-working at the False Isle Spring Ithra 2008). Then she took classes in a -

modern- lampworking shop. She has slowly acquired the equipment needed to set herself up at home, and to pursue the

more complex and difficult techniques. This past summer, she has gone from simple beads to pulled-glass pendants to

glass mushrooms imbedded in glass teardrops. And she's going further yet...

Halima al-Rakkasa