Dal gCais

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Dal gCais is a private household in the Western Region of An Tir (http://antir.sca.org).

Dal gCais was founded in A.S. XXV. Our membership is composed primarily of Irish and Welsh personas but is open to anyone who fits in.

We are a diverse household. Our members include bards, scribes, cooks, fighters, archers, and wander far and wide. We are child-friendly, and at one time had up to eight household members under the age of eight.

Members include as well as many others: Alisaundre ni Feidhlimidh dal gCais, Leith Amhranai dal gCais, Tuirrean ni Chaoilte dal gCais, Elen merch Maredudd of Dal g Cais, Madrun y Gwehyddes, as well as various minors and others.