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Formerly, this described an event safety person and/or branch officer. Not known throughout the Known World, constables often maned the event gate, and provided wandering patrols through the evening to maintain site security and safety. "Walking constab" described the act of paroling the site during an event, normally with radios to provide contact with the head of constabulary, or their deputy. Such volunteers were refereed to as "the watch" or "rovers".

The symbol of the constables was Azure, a Mace Bendwise Or. Often this was worn as a badge on a baldric, to be temporarily used by rover volunteers.

The main functions of constables included:

keeping an eye out for unattended fires
providing a presence to deter crime
helping locate lost children (or parents)
passing messages via radio
working with and assisting the police or local security

Constables were not supposed to do anything forcibly, but rather just watch, talk, and call the local police if needed.

The sixth edition of the An Tir Constables Handbook was published in March, 2002. A newer version was in the works around 2006. At some point around 2007, the office of the Constabulary was suspended and subsequently eliminated, and constable patrols ceased.