Connal MacLagmayn

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His Excellency Connal MacLagmayn, GDS, Baron of the Court of An Tir, Sixth Baron of Seagirt

Persona story

Connal MacLagmayn was born a younger son of a minor Scottish noble. With no lands or title of his own, Connal set out to make his own way in the world. It was for the best that he left when he did, as the Campbells soon raided MacLagmayn lands and burned Connal's home. Setting out from Scotland, Connal made his way to London, where he learned to fence and quickly picked up the local fashions. In a game of dice, Connal won a small ship. He soon found it was a battered, leaky old scow, but he had it repaired and named it the Crimson Star. Connal gathered a crew from the dregs that could be cheaply hired at the London docks, and in 1610 the Crimson Star set out on her maiden voyage. With an inexperienced Captain and drunken louts for a crew, the ship was quickly blown off course and into a terrible storm that lasted for unending days and nights. Finally, the ship hit a reef and broke up. Connal and the survivors of his crew found themselves in An Tir. With no ship, the Crew of the Crimson Star found work as mercenaries in the many battles in northern An Tir. Connal eventually earned title and nobility in his own right, in service to his new home, the Barony of Seagirt.

SCA Activities

Connal joined the SCA in 1993, in the Barony of Seagirt.

Connal enjoys many activities in the SCA. Connal is an active fencer, and has taught many new people how to fence. Connal is his own tailor, and has learned a great deal about Elizabethan fashion for men. He has also been active in service to his Barony, having been a marshal or an autocrat for many events. Connal has held the offices of Master of Stables, Master of Blades and Seneschal of the Barony of Seagirt. He also enjoys archery and fletching, brewing and leatherwork.

Connal has held the office of Seneschal of Seagirt. Connal MacLagmayn currently resides in the Barony of Seagirt, living in the dungeon of a small castle with his lady Letitia Talbott. (Halima adds: Now living in the Shire of Hartwood.)

Connal is a Cadet to Don Mathieu Thibaud Chaudeau de Montblanc.

Awards and Honours

Connal has the following Awards: