Clan Hubert

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Badge of Clan Hubert

Clan Hubert is the Scotto-Norman household run by HL Katherine FitzAlan and denoted by her badge, the dragon known as "Hubert".

The Clan Motto is "Wakey Wakey". It is to be uttered with appropriate cheer or menace, as circumstance requires.

The alternate motto is "That looks about right..." in honor of all the Clan siege engineering and other Clan schemes.

See: Morgan de Comyn and Edwardus Honestus

This household is an amazing mix of cultures and personae, with a heavy underpinning of Scots Highland culture. For those interested in such things, here is our family non-tree, the Clan Briar, [link temorarily offline] wherein we tried to recall to memory all the many rationales we had come up with over the years, and make them make sense. (Hah!)

Clan members include:

Katherine FitzAlan - Chief

Her SCA mother Moreach nic Mhaolain - "War Chief"

Moreach's SCA brother Morgan de Comyn

Moreach's "Irish cousin" Edwardus Honestus

Edwardus' Irish cousin Ciaran Cluana Ferta

Morgan's wife June of Morganshall

His daughter and Clan Tanista (heiress) Ælfgifu verch Morgan

Her Lord and juggling partner Elric Strangulf

Katherine's adopted SCA daughter Zenobia Naphtali

Zenobia's friend Xenia Dimitrievna Morózova

AElfgyfu's friends and SCA siblings:

Gwynnin ap Rhys

Gwynnin's mother Geileis Ingen Ui Peatain

Gwynnin's sister, possibly Eilin Irska

Aelfgyfu's Lord Elric Strangulf

Past members of the Clan were Karl Weislowen (retired) and Ulfarr MacDougal Ap Loingseoir (Requiascat In Pace)

The Hous Graneshavene|Greyhaven is the "fine" of Clan Hubert. Fine is pronounced "fee-nah" and denotes the house of the heir of the Clan - in this case Tanista Aelfgyfu.