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Clan Chaos Moon is a very Noisy Section household that has been self proclaimed as famous and infamous at the same time.

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How it all started

Clan Chaos Moon started back around early 2000. It started with two friends who went to Boars Hunt with House of the Wandering Star. That household stated they were going to be active in the SCA and go to many events. This was Galen McMullin's first SCA event. He loved the whole experience that he wanted to go to as many events as he could. After Boars Hunt, that household diminished. Galen, Rabbit and Mira decided to event on their own. By Warren War that year, they had invited Rorcifer to come (who was another friend). Around that point, the very beginning spark of Clan Chaos Moon was formed. Galen, Rabbit and Rorcifer sat down and hashed out a very rough start to their own clan. Clan Chaos Moon seemed the most appropriate name for the band of off the wall people that are want to be with this group.

How the clan runs

Who runs this shanty anways?

There are really three pieces to this question.

The first is that this clan was loosely based off the Fianna style group back in the celtic times. There are "official" members of the household, but the clan also allows anyone to camp with them (As long as the household agrees they are acceptable). Everyone is responsible for their own actions and the consequences that occur.

The second part to this is the household is ultimately ran by three "heads" of the clan. This triunal heirarchy allows a "majority rules" vote to happen on any judgement needed. They are also the ones that will officially induct new members, deal with mishaps that damage the household name (or people protected within our encampment) or choose who can or cannot camp with the household.

The third part is the majority rulings of all official members of the clan. These rulings are more based on overall changes to the clan or ideas and plans for improvement (i.e. Should we take dues for camping to help purchase/repair/replace equipment, what events do we want to "officially" go to, etc. )

How do I become a part of this crazy clan?

There are three different ways people have joined the clan. Two are historical.

The first was the initial three to start the clan. The second was the friends that were "grandfathered" in from the household that the clan branched off from. The clan still likes stating that the grandfathered people still need to do their "initiation". The third and only way now to become an official member is this: You have to camp with the clan for at least three or more times in order to prove you can be responsible (HA!), respectable (Well, where it counts), and to make sure the clan can stand you. If the first part is completed, the heads of the household will gather and decide whether to induct that person. In almost all occasions, inductions will only happen if all three heads are there (There are exceptions if agreed upon by the heads). Once agreed, an announcement will be made by the heads to the encampment of the induction of a new member. The name will be stated and the person will be required to complete one or more tasks to complete the induction. The tasks are meant to be silly and non-hazing type feeling. It's meant as a way to initiate in a semi-humorous way.

Do I have to swear my dying breath on this clan?

Being based on Fianna, Chaos Moon does not restrict members from joining or being a part of other households as well. There are a few members of Chaos Moon that were initially and still are a part of other houses. Because of the nature of the clan, no conflictions are seen by allowing this.

What exactly does your clan stand for? Can you stand (Get me a stick!)?

The clan was loosely based around a very old story about Fianna. Back in the celtic times, a tribal member would learn as much as they could from their clan. When they hit that point, they would join a wandering group in order to learn more from their travels. That group, Fianna, would have one main requirement in order for the tribal member to join. That requirement was for the tribe to verbally agree that the Fianna were not responsible for whatever happened to their tribal member joining them.

Clan Chaos Moon loosely follows that same structure. You can be from other tribes (households). The clan will allow you to join as long as you and your tribe agree that CCM is not responsible for whatever may happen to you (This doesnt' mean the clan won't stick up for you or fight by your side. Just that you are held responsible for your own actions and consequences).

Household Members

The Triunal Head

  • Galen McMullin (I'm Irish damnit!)
  • Rabbit (Meeester Brewmeister)
  • Rorcifer (AKA Drunken Defender)

The Rest

  • Don
  • Loni
  • Mira
  • Fiona
  • Jesse B
  • Joe B
  • Amanda
  • Cajun - The Clan Wench-Tosser and Brute
  • Tammy
  • Aaron - Can Normally be found holding sermons praying to the Biffy gods
  • Psalje Matsveinn - Clan grouch and Chief Cook (Matsveinn means Ship's Cook)
  • Luz - Clan Ninja, Clan Engineer ... Clan Ninjaneer

Boy, do I have a story to tell!

Placeholder for clan stories...

Which events do we frequent?