Ciar ingen Fiachnae

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Ciar in a blue t-tunic standing in front of fern
Ciar ingen Fiachnae
Resides: Dragon's Laire
Date Started: June 18 of AS XLIX (2014)
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Dragon's Laire Culinary Guild Head

Submitted: Per chevron inverted sable and plumetty azure and arget, an owl contourny argent


Quick pronunciation: KEE-ur inion FEE-uch-nay

Ciar ingen Fiachnae is the Old Irish form of the Primitive Irish Cera inigena Veqanai, The documentation for both parts of the name comes from the first volume of the Irish Annals. The use of Ciar was recorded in 679 and 681. Fiachna is recorded for several years and was found as early as 574. Fiachna is modified to Fiachnae in an early form of genderization. Ingen translates to "daughter of".

For comparison, the male version of the name would be Ciaran mac Fiachna. Ciaran is the diminutive form and there is no known explanation for why the diminutive is male when it would typically be female. To indicate 'son of' use mac. Fiachna is not modified.

Because the names, while Old Irish, were documented and then recorded again, they may have a later period spelling of the earlier period names. The documentation referred to by the SCA can be found here and here. As well as in "Irish Names," by Donnchadh Ó Corráin and Fidelma Maguire, 2nd edition (Dublin, Ireland: Lilliput Press, 1990). In his book "Early Medieval Ireland 400 to 1200," Dáibhí Ó Cróinín notes that the Old Irish was being written with the Roman alphabet by 600AD and that there is a theory that transition and crossover between the Primitive and Old Irish may have occurred (pages 189-193)(New York, USA: Routledge, 2013).


Still being developed! Ciar ingen Fiachnae lives on the west coast of Ireland and is from the early 7th century. This is a time of rapid cultural change - a recent major language shift, a written language is developed, both the written and spoken Latin and Irish are being taught to everyone.


Current Offices

  • Kingdom Seneschal Waivers Secretary July AS LVIII (2023) to present.
  • Dragon's Laire's Culinary and Spirit-makers Guild Minister, February AS LII (2018) to present.

Current Service


  • Events
  • Service
    • Regional contact for Kingdom Charter printing, dissemination, and collection, 2017 to present ( Kitsap County, WA and neighboring areas)


  • Events
    • June Faire 14-16 June LVIII (2024) Co-event Steward
    • Event clean-up crew 2014 to present
  • Service
    • Hospitality setup care taker
    • Manages and maintains the Baronial Feast Equipment

Guilds and Groups

  • An Tir Apothecary Guild
  • Dragon’s Laire Culinary and Spirit-makers Guild

Current Projects and Interests

  • Recipe research and redaction
    • Cherry sauce (1400's German)
    • Lebkuchen, Sabine Welserin, Recipe 163
  • Persona development
  • Complete the paper comparing Irish clothing pre- and post- Viking Settlement based on extant findings and writings
  • Complete the paper on Pre-Christian Irish religions and evidence thereof
  • Research into Irish trade before the arrival of the Norse and Danes.

Previous Activities, Projects, and Presentations

  • Dragon's Laire Scholar's Paper and Presentation at Candlemas February AS LVI with an update to Aliter Dulcia.
  • Single-entry presentation on Apicius’ 305 Aliter Dulcia (Another Sweet) after having completed the presentation at Atheneum 2020. - Completed, KAS 2022! (Scored 73! Not too shabby for a first competition!)
  • Working with Kingdom and Society YAFA on the modules and mentor-teacher-student relationship. Modules of focus: culinary, jewelry making.
  • The Road to Athenaeum: 28 July AS LV (2020): 'Experimentation and redaction of 'Another Sweet' from De Re Conquinaria, a 5th Century Roman Cookbook.' Viewable by clicking the 1 [1]
  • Collegium: 25-27 October AS LIV (2019): 'Demo Events' presentation and handout.
  • Assist with research and writing of Demo-Event proposal for BOD with Master Arontius, 2019.
  • Siege cooking!
  • Dragon’s Laire Scribal Guild (guild on hold)
  • Dragon’s Laire Research Corpus (group retired)

Previous Service


  • Events
  • Other
    • Ithra Reconstruction Committee with Master Seamus O'Caellaigh
      • Degrees and Certificates and Inclusion sub-committees
    • YAFA Mentor: Nov 2016 to May 2022. Culinary and Herbalism, Jewelry Crafting, Scribal.
    • Ithra Board: event recruitment: Fall 2018 to Fall 2020.

Barony of Dragon's Laire

  • Offices
    • Dragon's Laire's Contingency Seneschal, February 6 AS LV (2021) to October AS LVII (2022).
    • Dragon's Laire's Seneschal May 4 AS LI (2017) to February 6 AS LV (2021)
    • Deputy Seneschal: September 6, 2016 to May 4, 2017.
  • Events
    • Harvest Fest: 21 October AS LVII (2023): Feast Coordinator, 15th Century Ausburg, Germany
    • June Faire: 16-18 June AS LVII (2023): Site Handout/PDF, Culinary Demo, Vigil Food
    • June Faire: 17-19 June AS LVI (2022): June Faire Board Officer: SCA Coordinator
    • Virtual Candelmas: 6 February AS LV (2021): Event Steward, assistant moderator
    • Virtual Yule: 12 December AS LV (2020): Seneschal and assistant moderator
    • Candlemas: 01 February AS LIV (2019): Cook assistant
    • Yule: 07 December AS LIV (2019): Feast Menu and Planning – not present due to family emergency but the feast went on!
    • June Faire: 07-09 June AS LIV (2019): Co-Steward, Kingdom Calendar, Volunteer food coordinator
    • Candlemas: 02 February AS LIII (2019): Kingdom Calendar, Cook assistant
    • Þangbrandr Sløngvandbaugi Vigil: 12 January AS LIII (2019): Norse food research and food coordinator
    • June Faire: 07-09 June AS LIV (2019): Seneschal, Co-Steward
    • June Faire: 01-03 June AS LIII (2018): Gate volunteer, Volunteer food coordinator
    • Candlemas: 3 February AS LII (2018): Contingency Event Steward
    • Yule: 9 December AS LII (2017): Feast Coordinator
    • June Faire: 02-04 June AS LII (2017): Gate volunteer, Culinary demo
    • Candlemas: 11 February AS LI (2017): Deputy Event Steward, Lunch cook, Decorations coordinator
    • Yule: 10 December, AS LI (2016): Cook assistant
    • Last Chance: 30 September to 2 October, AS LI (2016): Schedule
    • June Faire culinary demo: 2017, 2016, 2015
  • Service
    • Scribal illumination and some charter design

Other branches

  • Events
    • Maypole XXVII Druim DoineannmL 4 May, AS LIV: Culinary Demo
    • Sport of Kings: August 17-20 AS LII (2017): Virgin Countess assistant cook and scullery.
    • Stromgard Founding Revel: February 25 AS LI (2017): assistant cook, cake!

Recognitions and Awards

Highest Award: Goutte de Sang