Cian Brutus'syn

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After having left his native lands due to an "inheritance dispute", Cian has had many adventures- including sailing with raiders, learning to fight, and the joy of honorable combat. He learns important survival concepts from all those he meets, even if only briefly. He has found a home in the courts of the Rus- swearing a term of service to Baron Brutus and Baroness Kate and even taking His Excellency's name as a patronymic. But like many men he has heard the call of the Pope and has joined in the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He hopes to free the holy city from those who would hold it captive, and perhaps find a measure of fame and fortune in distant lands.Before he left for the crusade, he wed his lovely Rus lady fighter the famed and beautiful Lady Ryska, joined his Baron on the hunt for the fabled white caribou, received an Award of Arms, a Service Grail, and a Guit De sang, from the Principality of the Summits, was both Marshal and Defender of the shire of Briaroak, as well as served on the retinue of the Prince Berek and Princess Liesel of the Summits, was a member of the secret and elusive Bards of Doom, is a Cohort of the Barony of Adiantum, and a maker of leather armor. Where he may be at present only he could answer, but one thing is certain, wherever he is, you may be sure his War Glave is causing his terror stricken foes to flee shrieking like beaten dogs.