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Sable, a mullet of eight points elongated to chief and to base Or within a laurel wreath argent and an orle Or.

The Shire of Bitter End (Red Deer, AB) is located in the Principality of Avacal.


The Shire of Bitter End began in AS XVIII in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. The shire began with a poster in local game shops describing a formative meeting to start a new branch of the Society of Creative Anachronism.

The initial meeting was held by Conrad Von Gratz, Tatanga Mani (later Douglas Cameron of Skye), Lochlana of Crownwood, Rheanna Wheatenfeld, and Morgan the Unknown. Local attendees included folks who would be later known as the House of the Fallen Keep.

The purpose for the formation was described as a alternate to the internecine politics of the two large groups in Alberta at that time. The motto "Absent thoughts for absent friends" was coined.


Sable, a mullet of eight points elongated to chief and to base Or within a laurel wreath argent and an orle Or

Motto-"Absent thoughts for absent friends"


Spear and shield tourney in the snow, Silver Arrow 2008

Holds two events yearly:

Silver Arrow Late April to Early May event(traditional prize given to winners of each tournament 1oz. silver ingot)
Bitter End Harvest Feast Traditionally in September (choosing of Heavy, Rapier,Archery, A&S defenders and Youth champions)

Shire defenders are often from other areas in Avacal. Bitter End events are very well attended as the Shire is located between two Baronies (Borealis and Montengarde), and the events draw people from across Avacal. The dedication and hard work of event stewards, organizers and feast coordinators is well known. Sire events are very child and youth friendly. Bitter End has the only Youth Championships in Avacal, consisting of two youths who represent the shire.


Star Protector- Rapier Champion

Star Bearer- Heavy Combat Champion

Star Lighter- Arts & Sciences Champion

Shooting Star- Archery Champion

Rising Star- Junior youth Champion

Rising Star- Senior Youth Champion

Bitter End has also hosted many Principality Tournaments.

Current Officers

Seneschal: Rowan

Exchequer: Sybell

Arts & Sciences: Rhyannon


Notable Members

Stragin Vikingsson

Malcolm Seintclerk de Brus

Gabriel of the Leaf

Douglas Cameron of Skye

Elrik Buchanan

Sybell Nathayra Deyana

Marcell Du Monte

Fenrir Stewart

Liam Angarsson


Archery arrow inspection, Silver Arrow 2008