Autumn War XXXVII/2002

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September 26-30, XXXVI/2002
Blatha an Oir
Ambriel Stillglamdottir
Riverglen Campgrounds, Orting, WA
Annual Event
Autumn War
We will be having a fencing war using the city scape of the Baronies on Friday. This will be good for one war point. There will also be an archery tournament, the memorial fencing tournament, the memorial woodcarvers contest and of course the War. We will also be running the small war dog races again on Sunday at High Noon. If anyone would like to come up with other contests to run for war points please contact the Autocrat. There will be an open bardic on Saturday night with James the Obscure heading up the bardic.

Court Report

Event Highlights

Event was attendance capped at 2500.


Michelino di Gino Martini's pics


Personal Memories

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