Autumn War L/2015

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August 12-17, L/2015
Blatha an Oir
Ellisif Leifsdottir
Autocrat team
The Tribe
Nix Ranch, Chehalis, WA
Annual Event
Autumn War

Court Report

Event Highlights


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Personal Memories

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Thunderstorms caused the Friday heavy fighting to be canceled part way through. It rained, sometimes fairly hard, on Friday - enough to wet things where they were leaking, but not wash out levels. Fortunately, Saturday was partially cloudy and nice enough to dry out, and Thursday and Sunday were actually fairly hot. One smart merchant sold ice cream and popsicles from a bike. War was fun as always, although some of the scenarios were not to my personal tastes. Good times hanging out and pretty smooth event. --Michelino di Gino Martini 14:56, 17 August 2015 (UTC)


Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mary Grace of Gatland was in attendance on Saturday, and she was truly inspirational and elegant in a lovely azure dress with argent fleur-de-lis upon it. The French were mighty upon the field and defended Paris well for her. Even though it rained on Friday, the day of fighting was sunny and perfect, and the entire event was filled with excitement and happiness. There were crowds of children everywhere! I've never seen an SCA event with so many large families in attendance. 231 youth (17 and younger) were signed in at gate as guests of the barony, and I believe doing so brought more families than ever before. What an amazing weekend. --Audny Refsdottir, 17 August 2015