Autumn War 2006

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September 15th-18th, XLI/2006
Blatha an Oir
Elon of Ravensglass
Dragons Sphere Recreation Park
Annual Event
Autumn War

Court Report

Event Highlights


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Personal Memories

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This was my first visit to the Dragon's Sphere recreation park, and the setting for the site is impressive and scenic. While I had heard the road in had problems, it was fine, and showed signs of recent improvements.

Despite getting a bit flooded in a corner of my new pavilion, it was a very fun event. The war had an impressive amount of war units making an appearance, which I think is a great thing for the strength of An Tir. While the fighting was numerically imbalanced, it was fun, with field battles, the BAO castle, and an enjoyable woods scenario. Their excellencies Stromgard were well pleased and generous in their pay. A Clan member, Eirik langaspjot, received the Marshal's Chivalry prize.

There were plenty of merchants, and the rapier folk appeared to be having a good time raising money for the Kingdom travel fund. One of the large red and white site pavilions proved very handy for court when it began raining. It continued inside the tent, where several friends received golden blossoms. The King seemed to painfully enjoy my clan brother's name - Daffydd du Duc - when giving him his AoA.

At the Clan Carn encampment, we had our traditional feast Saturday night, with much merry making. There was a surprise visit by their majesties, who made the evening perfect by holding a mini-court to elevate Richard Thomas to the Order of the White Scarf.

Sunday featured (for me, at least) the 5-man tourney, with at least 10 teams competing round robin. That made for quite a lot of fighting, and lots of fun! Our three teams did well - one making it to the final round, and we contributed three members to the first all-woman team that we have seen. The camaraderie between teams was excellent, on the whole.

Sir Gernon Valletort du Harfleur sponsored a Pas d'Armes tourney. It was to be to three counted blows, over a barrier, and three separate weapon styles - single sword, bastard sword, and sword and shield. My clan brother Rodrekr was victorious in the single sword and sword and shield tourneys, while another clan member, Duncan, came in second in bastard sword tourney, losing to Einar. He did come away with the chivalry prize. Gernon even cajoled me into fighting the bastard sword tourney, and it was quite fun, even if I only lasted one round.

Waking up in the mornings to see the mists on the surrounding mountains almost made up for the rain squalls. My lady and I had to leave Sunday, but I hear tell there was an amusing game of "Marco Polo" Sunday evening.

--Michelino di Gino Martini 19:06, 19 Sep 2006 (EDT)

What a grand event Autumn War '06 was. This was my second event at DragonsSphere and I have fond memories of the site.

The scenery is breath-taking. Friday night, near sunset, the clouds were hanging low over one of the mountains, setting off a single stand of trees. It was incredible. So what, it rained some.

My favorite memories of the event include going up to the Tavern Friday night and seeing most of the people I wanted to see. Getting to hang out with Einar for a while was something. All I could do was grin at him. Having Dunstan and Connor come join us was *great*. I had spent a fair amount of time with them at 40 year, during the Pas tournies. I was pleased to be able to see them, even if we didn't get a chance to talk too much. Another favorite memory is getting to see Dunstan get an Award of Arms. I was thrilled. It was SO well deserved. In seeing the look on his face, I couldn't help but smile. Things like that are what make an event for me. Seeing Sir Gernon Valletort du Harfleur get a Jambe was awesome, as well. Many well earned awards were given.