Autumn War

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Formerly an end of season war. Was usually held after September Crown.
Since 2008, typically held in mid-August.
Blatha an Oir (Tacoma-Pierce County, WA)
In the past, most often held at Riverglen Campground in Orting, WA.
AW 2003 was held at the Northwest Equestrian Center, Tenino, WA, due to the attendance outgrowing the Orting site. The Orting site improved, and it returned there for the next two years.
AW 2006 was held at Dragons Sphere Recreation Park, September 15th-18th, 2006. In 2007 Autumn War was held as a ten day event in conjunction with September Crown at the 2006 site near Randal WA. This site was used through 2010.
Since 2011, the event has been held at Nix Farm in Chehalis, WA
The first Autumn War is told to have been created by Baron Kendall and First Sergant Thorgoodson, the year after the last Alpine Pass War. Alpine Pass War was an war between BaO vs Wastekeep/Vulcanvelt, starting around 1987, sometimes held at Camp Fife (a Boy Scout camp just off of Chinook Pass). The first few Autumn Wars were between BaO and Lion's Gate, and it seems to have been created in a desire to combine the attendance from Alpine Pass War, and another small war (possibly between Lion's Gate and Fire Mountain Keep). Unfortunately, I don't have a fixed date for the year they started.
Annual Event
Autumn War XXXV/2000
Autumn War XXXVI/2001
Autumn War XXXVII/2002
Autumn War XXXVIII/2003
Autumn War XXXIX/2004
Autumn War XL/2005
Autumn War XLI/2006
Autumn War XLII/2007
Autumn War XLIII/2008
Autumn War XLIV/2009
Autumn War XLV/2010
Autumn War XLVI/2011
Autumn War XLVII/2012
Autumn War XLVIII/2013
Autumn War XLIX/2014
Autumn War L/2015
Autumn War LI/2016