Allan Robbins

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Allan Sealion2009.jpg
Lord Allan on the field of Sealion War AS 44/2009
Resides: Seagirt
Date Started: 1990
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, a wolf's head erased and issuant from chief a demi-sun argent eclipsed azure

SCA History

Allan Robbins started in the SCA around 1990. Taking to heavy fighting like a duck to water, he has since grown to be one of the most recognizable of Seagirt's fighters. With his blue surcoat and sallet style helm, Lord Allan is the first off the line in any war when "Lay On" is called. His speed, eagerness and general ability to harry the enemy lines has earned him the moniker "The Gingerbread Man.".

Allan's other enthusiasms include chess, heraldry, armouring, military history and storytelling. His collection of "Short Stories and Tall Tales" is a collection of SCA urban legends. He is also a Sergeant of Seagirt, and is one of the few candidates to pass on his first try.

Allan has fought in tournaments from local to Kingdom, often day-tripping to far off events for the chance to see combat. His inspiration in all things is his lady Makayla Brand.

Lord Allan is Squired to Sir Geoffrey de Rennes, the knight who taught him how to make gothic plate armour.


Currently Living in the Barony of Seagirt but has previously resided in the shire of Hartwood and the Barony of Borealis.


Coat of Arms

Lord Allan's distinct blue with erased wolf heads is something of a signiture. Garb, armour, banners and dishes around his encampment will be seen sporting this device.


Allan at Crown Tournament 2008/AS 43

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