Alexandros Khristodoulopoulos

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This is the Wiki for Lord Alexandros Khristodoulopoulos

I first found out about the SCA around the Christmas of 2002. I did not get a chance to participate until Feb of 2003 at the age of 35. I met up with Lyra of Ascalon. At the time, Lyra and I were the only people attending practice. My first event was Bar Gemels in April of 2003, I was hooked. My next major accomplishment was to have my own armour which I accomplished in the fall of 2004. I, also, became a member of the Iron Circle Brigade. I attained the rank of 2nd lieutenant. I received my AOA at William Tell of 2007, and in the fall of the same year I became men-at-arms to Sir Earl Edward Ian Anderson. In the following year of 2008 at the event of Stromgaurd's Allthing, I became Squire to Sir Edward, and also a member of Havoc. This year (2009) I hope to have my heraldry approved.

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