Wrought Iron Chef Competition

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The Legend

This competition is held by the Towne of KeyPoynt every so often. This all came about when Lord Mayor Etolé Marchant began his studies as a Culinary Arts Major, and several of his fellow students became interested in the SCA and began attending events with KeyPoynt. The results of these competitions have been phenomenal, with exciting ingredient combinations and a plentiful feast for all those in attendance.

Some of the more unusual ingredients the Chefs have come up against in past competitions are: breakfast cereal, coconut milk, fresh mint, beef flavored Cup o' Noodle, rhubarb, and hickory smoke flavored SPAM.

The Challenge

The rules are as such:
1. Every person attending the meal must bring a secret ingredient. (These must exclude any known allergens, i.e. no tree nuts, and depending on the attendees, no seafood, mushrooms, peppers, etc.)
2. The secret ingredients will be revealed to the Chefs the morning of that dinner's challenge.
3. The Chefs must use each ingredient in at least one dish.

The Brave Souls

The Master Chefs who have braved the challenge of the Wrought Iron Chef Competition are: