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Hjlmr at Pennsic XXXVII

Hjlmr arrived in An Tir on July 15 AS 35/2000.

Hjlmr's device: Sable, an aegishjlmr Or

He was squired by Sir Yusuf ben Josef at July Coronation AS 41/2006.

Hjlmr was awarded arms by Ulf and Bernadette on 10 April AS 39/2005.

It was Hjlmr's extreme honor to serve on Ulfgar's guard during His reign as Prince of Tir Righ.

Hjlmr served Her Highness Caoimhinn, Princess of Tir Righ, in the humble capacity of guard.

Hjlmr served as a guard for Owain and Wrenn as They sat upon the Storm Thrones of Tir Righ.

Hjlmr served Savaric and Safiye, Prince and Princess of Tir Righ, as a guard on Their retinue.

Hjlmr was honored to serve as the Captain of Prince Ulfgar's guardsmen.

Hjlmr was inducted into the Order of the Goutte de Sang by Their Majesties Tiernan and Miranda on 25 August AS 42/2007.

Hjlmr became the Silver Pillar (OP) Herald of Tir Righ at Tir Righ Winter Investiture XLII/2007.

At Warren War X XLIII/2008 Hjlmr was inducted into the Order of the Lion's Torse by Their Majesties, Owain and Wrenn.

Hjlmr was inducted into the Order of the Silver Pillar by Prince Ulfgar and Princess Renee at Twelfth Night on 9 January AS 44/2010.

Hjlmr received a Red Flame from the hands of Their Highness' Alden and Katherine at Tir Righ Winter Investiture 2011.

Hjlmr is currently residing in Shittimwoode.

He's been bestowed with the three Shittimwoode branch tokens; the Bunny's Fang for the martial arts, the Acacia for service, and the Bunny's Crook for the Arts and Sciences.

It was Hjlmr's tremendous honor to be named the Shittimwoode War Monger at Warren War X XLIII/2008, September 13th XLIII/2008.

Hjlmr was victorious on the field of honor at Summer Hunt V earning the title of champion of Earnrokke on July 23rd AS XLIV/2009.

He was awarded the Most Amazing Armor prize during the Grand Tournament at Sport of Kings V August 22nd XLIV/2009.

He's a Cardinal of THE Church and a Duke of Tablero.

Hjlmr is a devoted and proud member of the al Khabeelah household.

Hjlmr inn Danski enjoys: Heavy combat, beer, building armor, leather working, marshaling, the OP, archery, heraldry, carousing, filling out forms, cup and ball, costuming, serving feasts, Tablero da Gucci, embroidery, spear the beer, elder futhark, flirting, persona development, scotch, the Danelaw, Ithra, and needle felting.

Yusuf's addition.

Hjlmr forgets to mention that he is an all around astounding individual and on the day that he was made my squire he went out and won one of the Squires tourney prizes! That made me look very cool in front of the other Knights and left them all wondering how they could have overlooked such an amazing man for so long. Talk about a stellar performance!!! As some may not know he also holds a number of Tablero prizes. Tablero is also one of my favorite games, although I don't play that often any more I get an incredibly vicarious thrill observing his exceptional Tablero skills. I believe that one day I will be in a position to show off his liver to the Royalty of the Known World just as my Knight did for me one year at Estrella. His Liver is strong!

-Sir Yusuf

I once made Hjlmr some pants! -Rébeca de la Mare

Hjlmr is also a skilled leather crafter. He made a gorgeous quiver and an arm guard for me. The stitches are so perfect they look machined, but he did it all by hand. - Mahala de Sorbonne

Persona Information

Hjlmr does his best to portray a Danish Viking living in Jorvik (York) around the year 865.

I voyaged to the East Anglian region of Enga-lond with the great warrior chief, Ivar Ragnarsson (called the Boneless) in the year 865. Having distinguished myself during a decisive battle against the native Northumbrians, Ivar granted me humble dwellings, lands and a position of modest leisure collecting weregild (taxes, tribute, etc.) in the recently conquered settlement of Jorvik.

Hjlmr at Sport of Kings V, August 22nd XLIV/2009
An example of Hjlmr's burgeoning tailoring skills.(He built everything he's wearing.)

Hjlmr at Pennsic War XXXVII 2008