Ursulmas XLVII/2013

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January 25 to 27, XLVII2013
Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA)
Autocrat Team
Autocrats: Symonne la Merciere
Evergreen State Fairgrounds, 14405 - 179th Ave SE, Monroe, WA 98272
(briefly) Sample: Cold, with snow on the ground.
Annual Event 
Schedule - Preliminary
Saturday Sunday
08:00 AM SCA Gate Open 08:00 AM SCA Gate Open
08:00 AM Armor Drop Opens &
Inspection begins
08:00 AM Armor Inspection begins
09:00 AM Doors open to public 09:00 AM Doors open to public
10:00 AM Opening Baronial Court 10:00 AM Opening Baronial Court
After Court Archery Range Open
10:00 AM Sable Rose Rapier Tourney 10:00 AM Bear Claw Rapier Tourney
10:00 AM YAC List Sign-Up 10:00 AM BearMeat Tourney
10:30 AM Armor Drop Closes 10:00 AM Grumpy Archer Over 40
11:00 AM Thrown Weap Range Open 10:00 AM YAC Mixed Melee
11:00 AM Heavy Championship 11:00 AM TW Range Opens
NOON YAC Tournament NOON de Noirville Over 40
NOON Rapier Championship NOON Grumpy Rapier Tourney
1:00 PM TW Novelty Competition 1:00 PM Archery Combat Tourney
1:00 PM Archery Novelty Shoot 1:00 PM Vicis Proeliator Conflictus
2:00 PM Public Archery 2:00 PM YAC Workshop
3:00 PM Youth Archery All Day Ursulwyck Village
4:00 PM YAC Workshop 5:00 PM Closing Royal Court
All Day Ursulwyck Village
5:00 PM Closing Baronial Court
MEETINGS on Saturday (Green Room)
11:00 AM Order of the White Scarf
NOON Order of the Grey Goose Shaft
1:00 PM Puget Sound Regional Calendar Meeting
4:00 PM Kingdom Equestrian Guild

Select Event Copy

Greetings unto the Populace of An Tir!

To the delight of the Barony of Aquaterra, we again host the renowned mid-Winter Tournaments and incredible display of artisans' skill by hosting Ursulmas XXXII!

Hotels with discounts can be found as a printout or on the An Tir InfoScroll.

Food vendors being solicited. Coffee vendors secured. You may bring your own food and/or bring in from town this year.

Meetings of the Order of the Grey Goose Shaft, Kingdom Equestrian Guild, and the Puget Sound Calendar meeting for Coronets and Seneschals will be on Saturday. Schedule to be posted once times confirmed.

Site Use, Gate Fees & Locations

This year Ursulmas occupies two main buildings - the Evergreen Speedway Grandstands housing Gate, the Marketplace and Village of Ursulwyck, buildings Arena shall be for Combat and those A&S displays not in the Grandstands.

Gate will be located in the Grandstands, while all pre-reg/paid guests may enter the Combat Arena separately, without going through the Grandstands Gate first. All typical Gate procedures will be maintained. Entry thereafter to all activities and buildings by showing your site token.

Hours of Faire Operation

Friday Saturday Sunday
January 25th January 26th January 27th
SCA Hours 3pm - Midnight 8 am - 6 pm 8 am - 5 pm
Public Hours 9 am - 6 pm 9am - 5 pm


We have several types of contests occurring at Ursulmas beyond the combat, archery and thrown weapons tournaments.

For the light of heart, we have the Best Dressed Bear contest. Bring your favorite, beloved stuffed animal dressed to accompany Saint Ursul on his merry adventures in Aquaterra. Entries to be presented by 1 pm, Saturday. Bring your entry to HL Samira al-Waddi (near Eastern living history display) in Ursulwyck Village for Announcement of the winner shall be in evening Court Saturday.

Arts and Sciences Display Contest! Contact HL Myrun Bjarnardottir at arts@ursulma.org to reserve your space for displaying your learning and fine artisan crafts. This contest is based on the best showcased r projects. Clear explanation of your project, with diagrams, clear descriptions and display of your items all to tell the story of your journey of recreating the Middle Ages.

Ursulwyck Village has many wonderful things to do and see! Our demonstrators and living history participants are creating some interesting displays for all to enjoy. There is so much each of us invest to create to relive the past. Showing our appreciation by letting our Ursulwyck Coordinator, Pani Katarzyna Miloshova on who you like best.

Our Marketplace will be busting at the seams this year and with this comes two very popular contests; best merchant display and best demonstration of creation of wares. Please let our Merchant Coordinator, Lady Sarra Treemaker at the event for who you think should be awarded the prize for their efforts.

Volunteers - Nothing happens without you!

Ursulmas is a gargantuan event on par with many of An Tir's Crown-level events. Our guest totals average about 1400-1600 people through the door in a single weekend. We always need a few folks willing to add a few hours of assistance in Gate, waterbearing, field heraldry, lists, parking, setup & teardown.

If you believe you can offer some of your 3 pm to help out, contact us atvolunteers@Ursulmas.org. We thank you in advance for your help!

Merchants and Marketplace

Merchant spaces are now full. No further applications will be taken at this time.

Our current roster of vendors for the final Marketplace as of December 28th.

  • Barefoot Cordwainer
  • Burnt Village
  • Cat & Candle
  • Creativity Works
  • D&D Chain Maille
  • Dark Ages Games
  • Dream Visions
  • Eviless Stash
  • Gaean Allusions
  • Gifts from Atlantis
  • Govinda's Workshop
  • Gypsy Caravan
  • Hat Lady of AnTir
  • Iris and Quentin's Home Candle Manufactory
  • Jed N Ennie Enterprises
  • Kerri Fuhr Designs
  • Khana Kustom Leather
  • Magickal Aardvark
  • Nordic Trader
  • Pastiche
  • Prose and Steel
  • Redwolf
  • Sewings Our Specialty
  • Silk Road Tribal
  • Smitty's Smithy and Fine Crafts
  • Sparrowhawk Studio
  • Tandy Leather
  • The Fur Connection
  • Thistle Hollow Enterprises
  • Wild Woods
  • Wyevern Mercantyle

After Hours Revel

(30 Sept 2012) Check back here for details closer to the event date.

Event Highlights

What happened in court.


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Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

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