Thorwulf Bjornsson

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4th Baron of Montengarde with Sapphira of Sherwood 29 January AS XXXI/1996–23 January AS XXXIII/1999

6th Baron of Montengarde with Sine Peregrina 19 January XXXVI/2002–6 January XXXVIII/2004


See Also Thorwulf and Sapphira of Montengarde

See also Thorwulf Bjornsson and Sine Peregrina

Also was known as William Edwin de Gisors and William of Three Falcons



Award of Arms (West) Jun 15, 1980 (AS XV)
Jambe de Lion (An Tir) May 18, 1985 (AS XX)
Sergeant (Montengarde) Dec 31, 1986 (AS XXI)
Goutte de Sang (An Tir) Aug 2, 1987 (AS XXII)
Olde Shattered Shield (An Tir) Sep 6, 1987 (AS XXII)
Laurel (An Tir) Jan 11, 1992 (AS XXVI)
Forget-me-not (An Tir) Dec 4, 1993 (AS XXVIII)
Throne Favor (An Tir) Jan 8, 1994 (AS XXVIII)
Baron #4 (Former) of Montengarde Jun 29, 1996 (AS XXXI) through Jan 23, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
Knight (An Tir) Aug 3, 1996 (AS XXXI)
Elder (Avacal) Aug 22, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
Court Baron (An Tir) Apr 17, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
Gilded Griffin (Avacal) Aug 21, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Iron Maul (Avacal) Aug 21, 1999 (AS XXXIV)
Baron #6 (Former) of Montengarde 19 January XXXVI/2002–6 January XXXVIII/2004