Terra Pomaria Winter Event

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The Terra Pomaria Winter Event is the annual winter event hosted by the Barony of Terra Pomaria. The actual name of the event may be changed yearly by the autocrat and has been on several occasions. The most common traditional names for the event are Winter's End and The Festival of the Melting Icicles. It was the fifth annual event formed in the history of the barony, surpassing Norse Feast in AS XXX/1996 as the branch's premiere and typically sole winter season gathering. The first time the winter event was held in AS XXVI/1992 while Terra Pomaria was still a shire, three months before its elevation to baronial status. Its reoccurence has been ongoing ever since. Traditionally the event has been held within the month of February through early March. Since AS XXVI/1992 the occasion of the winter event has been continously uninterrupted with each annual gathering occuring as follows: