Terra Pomaria Autumn Event

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Terra Pomaria Autumn Event is the annual fall event hosted by the Barony of Terra Pomaria. It has been stylized over the years reflecting a multitude of names as chosen by each year's autocrat. Traditionally the event has been held in late September or early October. The third annual event formed in the history of the Barony of Terra Pomaria, the first occasion was held while the branch was still a canton of Three Mountains in 1985. Due to a change of event scheduling mandated throughout the Summits as well as immenient financial and human resource concerns no fall event was held in the barony in AS XXXIX/2004 and AS XL/2005. However, the Harvest Grand Ithra was held in AS XXXIX/2004 in the absence of a fall event. After several years planning, the autumn event was brought back with the return of the popular-themed Crimson Sky War in AS XLI/2006.