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A "Skulk" is a group of foxes. The Skulk are a small fringe-style household originally created by Geiseric Geirson and his friends from Highschool. More friends have been added as time goes on, because even if you move away, you are considered part of the family.


Blatha An Oir


To band together friends from all areas and backgrounds who wish to camp at SCA events and don't really fit in anywhere else. Its members range from fully active SCA members to folks who camp maybe once or twice a year. No set time period for the group, members can explore history in their own way and time and authenticity is not required.


Geiseric Geirson
Audny Refsdottir
Tasia Darnell
Zack Willhoite
Danr Gammelfeldt
Jessica Oldenkamp
Benjamin Rogers
Jennifer Weis
William Shannon
Erica Shannon
Bret Tomblin
Amy Tomblin
Daniel Cleveland
Tom Cannuli
Jason Rogers
Maire Nic Shiobhan
Taro Kurohayashi
Natalie Ramona
Yoshi Kurohayashi
Karin Gylling