Sionaid ine Cullaich

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Acacia (Shittimwoode) Apr 3 AS 27/1993
Goutte de Sang Jan 13 AS 35/2001
Golden Blossom (Blatha an Oir) Mar 17 AS 35/2001
Briar (Blatha an Oir) Sept 15 AS 37/2001
A&S Champion (Blatha an Oir) June 15 AS 38/2002 through June 28 AS 39/2003
Forget-me-not Jan 11 AS 38/2003
Panther's Torch (Blatha an Oir) Aug 23 AS 39/2003
Baron's Favor (Blatha an Oir) Sept 7 AS 43/2007
Cattail (River's Bend) Apr 5 AS 43/2008
Order of the Grey Goose Shaft May 29 AS 45/2010

OP Entry

I started in the SCA back in, oh, July of AS 25. My first event - July Coronation - with Their Majesties Davin Stronghand and Octavia Laodice Hybrida Africanus being my first King & Queen and having Their Majesties Tjorkill Kanne and Hlutwige Wolfkiller quickly following, began my days in Shittimwoode, a lovely little Shire in what is now [in 2008] the north-Central region of An Tir.

I was known as Nettie MacLost for the first several years in the SCA. While in Shittimwoode, I became the Chronicler for the Shire & enjoyed developing the newsletter "Bunny Tales".

In Sept 1993/AS 28, I moved from Shittimwoode and took up residence in what is now the Shire of Wyewood but was then part of the Canton of Porte de l'Eau, a Canton of the Barony of Madrone. While living in the Canton, I became the Chronicler for the Western Region of An Tir and held the post for 4 years. Following my regional position, I was Kingdom Curia Clerk for 4 years.

In that time - in AS 35, it was - King Skapti Ravensfuri & Queen Asa Starradottir elevated me to the Order of the Goutte de Sang at Their 12th Night Coronation.

I began playing much in the Barony of Blatha an Oir back in AS 29 or AS 30. Back then, I was a food merchant. When I hung up my merchant's apron, I took the office of Chatelaine of Blatha an Oir for a short time, then followed that with the Chief Archer's position. From 2001 until 2006, I was part of the warband led by Sir Hathawulf Spearbreaker, Lupus Grex. I took up combat archery and have been on the warfield as much as possible ever since. At some point during this time, I decided to research a specific time period, that of late 12th Century Scotland and researched for an appropriate name for my time period. I thus became Joneta inghean Feradaig until AS 41. At Autumn War of AS 40, I was given the accolade of Most Feared Archer on the Warfield by His Excellency Blatha an Oir, Sven Red Beard Einarson.

In April of AS 41, I left the Fair Barony of Blatha an Oir and the good company of Lupus Grex and moved to the Shire of River's Bend. After a year, I took the position of Chief Archer and began teaching Ithra classes and really working hard towards my Ithra degrees. I changed my persona time period to a Dark Ages Scot on the Isle of Mann, born in 359AD. My Society name is now Sionaid ine Cullaich, which is the earliest version of my modern given name, traced back through my paternal Scottish lineage. Nettie I was, am and shall always remain...

I was appointed the Chief Archer for the Shire of River's Bend in June AS 43 (2007), the term ended in June AS 45 (2009). In June of AS 44, I was appointed Regional Archery Marshal of An Tir by (then but now Master of the Pelican) THL Deicyn Moel, Royal Archer of An Tir. I am a founding member of the warband Havoc II, led by Earl Sir Edward Ian Anderson. I became Arcuarius to Master Andras Truemark in June/July of AS 44. I am now married to a wonderful man from my childhood, known in the Society as Adeucan Ui Niall, Squire to Earl Edward Ian Anderson and Herald for the Shire of River's Bend. I have since taken a Man-at-Amrs, Ayden Kincayde, Chief Archer of River's Bend; a Lady-at-Arms, Elizabeth Annie Kincayde; and a 2nd Lady-at-Arms, Birna Þorfinsdóttir. May I do them justice as their Teacher and Mentor!
My absolutely wonderful husband, Adeucan Ui Niall and I at Yule Feast in Glymm Mere, AS 42.

Aeducan & I at The Grand Thing AS 42.
Only part of the Warband, but it's a start!
L to R: Squire Aleksandr, Earl Edward Ian Anderson, THL Nettie, Squire Adeucan