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Rhyslyn is a Northern Celt from the 10th century who has adopted the ways of the Vikings and married a traveling Geat named Torgny. Daughter of Lord Red Angus and Lady Solais of Soundstream, Rhyslyn plays the celtic flute and harp, guitar and bass, as well as composing and singing. Rhyslyn also sews garb and tent canvas for her household.

Senior Youth Archery top score in AS 33 / 1997 with an average of 105.5 and AS 34 / 1998 with an average of 118.5 making her only the second youth to be awarded the title of Grandmaster Archer

Holds 1 Known World Archery (3YC) and 2 An Tir Royal Round medals

Equestrian Champion (Dragon's Laire) Oct 31 AS 33 / 1998 through Oct 31 AS 34 / 1999

Award of Arms Feb 6 AS 33 / 1999