Ordre du Piller d'Argent

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Once each year the Baron and Baroness of Terra Pomaria may accept nominations for this award. The nomination forms will contain the rules and the due date for returning the nomination. The nomination may only have one name on it, with the reason that they deserve the award, in detail.

After the due date, the nominations are read and counted by the Baron and Baroness. There must be a minimum of 20 nomination forms received to validate the nominations. If one person is nominated by at least 55% of the nominations turned in, that person will receive the award. If no person receives at least 55%, or there is less than 20 nomination forms received, no award will be given that year. This award shall be unique in that the recipient will know that a majority of the entire Barony recommended her or him. The award shall be in the form of a medallion to be hung around the neck, and a scroll. This award may only be received once.