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Ogedei Bahadur.jpg
Resides: Montengarde
Date Started: 1992
Awards: [{{{oplink}}} Order of Precedence]


Joined the SCA in 1992, when I was 19, to start fighting heavy. I was oringinally a generic celt. Quickly switched to Mongolian after seeing the light.

Interested in all aspects of Mongolia. I try to seperate the medieval Mongolian from the modern. It is important to realize simply because it is Mongolian does not make it period.

Was placed on Vigil for knighthood at Ursulmas AS XLV by HM Skeggi for elevation into the order in June at the Silverwolf tournament for Borealis in AS AS XLVI.


Chronological listings of Awards (Aprox)

Award of Arms

Champion of Cold Keep

Goutte de Sang

Squired to Ritter Albrecht von Rugen

Princess Knot (Avacal)

Torse of the Minotaur (Montengarde)

Gilded Griffin (Avacal)

Prince's Favor (Avacal)

Heart and Griffin (Avacal)

Iron Maul (Avacal)

King's Favor, Vik

Forget-me-not, Inga

Princess's Knot

Dragonslayer (Montengarde)

Order of the Carp (Order_of_the_Carp)

Elevation to the Order of the Chivalry

Forget-me-not, Taisiia

Jambe de Lion, Thorin and Dagmaer

Tanist Avacal: November Coronet 2011

Prince Avacal: February Investiture 2012


Ogedei in armour
Ogedei kneels before his Majesty Skeggi

Photos and videos

Knighting - Thore video Buffet - Thore video Knighting - Ogedei Facebook Knighting - Beothuk


Mongol Dels

Knighting Del

Investiture Del

Mongol projects

Iron Maul addition AS XLV

Mongol Hat

Mongol boots

Montengarde 12th night prize construction AS XLV

Montengarde 12th night prize AS XLV

Prize donation for Avacal A&S AS XLV

Wool combs

War shield


Mongolia: General medieval history A&S: Metal working, wood working, re-creating mongol garb Fighting: Heavy, Combat Archery