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The Shire of Mountain Edge

(Yamhill County, OR) is located in the central region of An Tir.


  • The Branch comprised territory once alotted to the defunct shire of Nether Edge.
  • It began to organize circa 1989 under the name of Vin Oak and still had not elevated beyond incipient status by March of 1990 when it was recognized as a branch within the Rivers Region.


  • Acorn War - A seasonally late summer / early fall annual event having traditionally been held in both August and mainly September since circa 1989. It is the branch's most well-known event that is often a joint venture with the Shire of Coeur du Val and the Shire of Dragon's Mist. The defunct Shire of Dun an Chalaidh also had co-hosted the war as well as the Barony of Terra Pomaria.
  • Mountain Edge Defender's Touney - A seasonally spring annual, traditionally March event.

Fighter Practice

 Thursday nights starting @ 6:00pm
 Beulah Park  (weather)
 On E. 3rd Street off S. Maple Street (Highway 47)
 Yamhill, OR 97148
 (Call to make sure the practice isn't 'travelling' that week.

The Shire of Mountain Edge (web site)

 Click here for more practices in the area.