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The Jarnfolk started as the Hrosviking in 1998 as a cadet household of the Ormsviking, a part of the Glamfolk. Hengist Helgason is the founder of the Jarnfolk, who's focus is on Scandinavian and Germanic studies and reenactment from the late Roman era , migration period iron age to the conquest of England by William the Bastard in 1066. Originally Hrosviking was a fighting household comprised of Hengist and his husKarls. It soon grew into much more.

A couple years after moving back from New York he and his wife, Marike Sigrunasdotter, decided to restart the household. They chose only people they felt were dedicated to furtherance of the household and their period of study. They decided to change the name to Jarnfolk after much thought on the matter. They had become much more than a viking age fighting household. They had wonderful crafts-people and those who were actively studying history and moving toward a living history level of play. Several members had also decided to have an earlier persona than viking age, more late iron age so they changed the name to something more appropriate. The meaning of Jarnfolk is "people of iron". Periodic meetings are held throughout the year to bring up concerns, new ideas, camping things etc. A vote among members will be made for new upgrades and ideas that forward the household.

To become a full member you start by being asked to camp with the Jarnfolk members. This starts a year and a day trial period to see if it is a good match.

Requirements for membership: You must have a persona that falls under our time period, during your trial period you must acquire period attire for this time period worthy of a living history re-enactor, i.e. period fabrics, shoes and accessories. Weapons are not needed but can be fun and add to the costume as a whole. The Jarnfolk Althing is a must and is where we introduce new members. Reasons behind not going will be taken on a case by case basis, but besides emergencies in the family it is strongly recommended if you want to pursue membership. Glamfolk living history demo's are a strong suggestion but not mandatory. Camping with the household at events is also strongly suggested as is the acquisition of a period tent.

If within that time you feel or the household feels you're a good match, and you have met the other requirements you will be asked to become a full member. At any point during that probationary time if the individual feels the household is not for them they may leave with no hard feelings.