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Huscarles of Borealis

Caecamus Sublimitate (Blinding with Our Awesomness)

The Huscarles are a noble household in the Barony of Borealis, in the Principality of Avacal, in the Kingdom of An Tir. Though originally a fighting unit patterned after the 11th Century shieldwall infantry guards of King Cnut of England, the Huscarles have grown to encompass a wide variety of SCAdian interests and time periods.

You are as likely to meet Huscarles on the frontlines of battle, as you are to be served by them in the feast hall. Our core virtues are Chivalry, Service and Fun. We were awarded a Decorated Letter from of Baroness for service to the Barony, and a Prince's Favour from Prinz Steinn Vikingsson for service to his coronet. See the following link to see all the awards recived by the Huscarles and its members. Awards-[1]

Our primary goal as a household is to live this Dream together, and make it more fun for everyone we come in contact with. To this end, we are active in helping newcomers get involved, and putting a burr in the breeches of salty old veteran players who have forgotten how much fun creative anachronism can be.

The founding Hirthmen of our household are the current Stallari, Cynewulf Torynsskald, our armoured champion, Seamus ap Einar, the gentle giant, Uchtred Ursa, that witty rapscallion, Stratton McSween, our culinary savant, Daniel the Broc and our Welsh valkyrie, Tanwen verch Llewelyn.

Our device is a braided gold ring on a blue field. Our Motto is Caecamus Sublimitate, but you'll more likely hear us cry out, "Huscarles! We Bring the FUN!"

Warm yourself at our Hearth


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