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The Story of Bromley

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he year is currently 1340. Perched atop a low promontory overlooking the confluence of two gentle rivers and the verdant fields they nourish is Bromley Castle. The castle and its associated manorial lands comprise the estate held in the kingdom of An Tir by the (fictional) Earl of Exmoor, Sir Geoffrey Haunton. Although but a minor part of the English baron’s vast holdings, Bromley nonetheless provides him with a substantial income from its rents and demesne profits primarily derived from wool and timber.

As with all barons, the Earl is eager to maintain his preeminence. Crucial to this is preserving his noble reputation as a man of wealth, strength, hospitality, gentility, courtesy and charity. But Sir Geoffrey is a rare visitor to the kingdom of An Tir. As an advisor to King Edward III and the conflict with France growing increasingly hot, the busy Earl must rely on his household retainers to manage his estates. For distant An Tir, he requires a trusted familia to ensure that his interests are promoted; thus Bromley Manor serves as the administrative center for his lands in the kingdom.

The Steward of Bromley is the Earl’s chief administrator, overseeing the management of his An Tirian estates. In addition to effective estate management, the Earl is keen to maintain a presence in An Tir and this task falls chiefly to his Steward and the broader household at Bromley. To this end, the household attends tournaments, feasts, and fairs throughout the year to promote the Earl’s reputation. His retainers at Bromley also help the Earl to keep abreast of current affairs in An Tir, and they endeavor to expand trade for sale of the wool and timber produced by the manor. The kingdom of An Tir is famous throughout Europe for the intensity and grandeur of its tournaments which make an ideal forum for the carrying out of Sir Geoffrey’s orders.

The Earl's Delegation

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hence go we, the humble representatives of the Earl, to do as best we may in furtherance of our lord’s noble reputation and position. At present, the Earl’s delegation remains small, for he does not provide enough maintenance to support a larger contingent. The wars with France and the considerable obligations to supply men and provisions to King Edward in support of that effort have seen the greatest part of his means diverted away from the more peaceable, dynastic ambitions which he harbors. On most occasions, the Bromley encampment is therefore a rather condensed but orderly place. Therein you will encounter the estate’s Steward, Iohannes von Prag, a second son immigrant from the kingdom of Bohemia who has by good fortune spent many years in our lord’s service in England and An Tir. No doubt you will also come across Trafalgar MacIntosh, a Scot of wide travels. Trafalgar spent his youth in the kingdom of Granada and toiled to become a prosperous merchant; as an agent for the Earl, his commercial acumen is crucial for the sale of his wool and timber. Finally, you will often have the pleasure of meeting Meiriel; originally from the Isle of Man, she has become a most favored companion of the Earl’s wife, Blanche, and plies her knowledge of herbs and other medicinal remedies throughout the lands of Bromley.


Visit Us!

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hould you wish to seek us out, you may always mark our encampment by the Earl’s badge of the three crosses argent on a sable field. We welcome all visitors, humble and high-born alike to our compound. We bid you rest a while within Bromley Hall whereby we may prove our nobility with courtesy, ample food and drink. Our household strives to recreate the life and customs of the 14th century and we are in continual pursuit of that goal. We hope to meet you soon!

The Earl's Badge as Displayed by His Household

Current Members

Iohannes von Prag
Iohannes' Arms

Trafalgar MacIntosh
Trafalgar's Arms

Meiriel's Arms

Gallery of Events Past

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Trafalgar and Meiriel relax in Bromley Hall on a warm summer's eve
Bromley encamped