House Blackhart

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Household Badge

Household Members

Camp Gate at Grand Thing XI
Banner and Photo by Kyrissa Gieszler‎ 2017

Duke Amalric Blackhart
Duchess Caia Snowden
Baroness Cristiana of Loch Salann
Sir Talieson de Lyon
Lady Vivienne Aurelie de Lyon
THL Cedric Helmbreaker
THL Layla of Mountain Edge
Lord Aldrich Fletcher
Lady Dierdre Fletcher
THL Tyric Magnusson
THL Asny Brunsottir
Lord Andrew the Unseen
THL Philip de Greylonde
Lady Constanza de Valencia
Lady Maeva inn Tryggvi
Lord Gryphon Blackhart
Lord Gawain the Brewer
Phoenix Blackhart

Household Interests

House Blackhart at Acorn War XXIX
Photo Credit: Matt Reinker (Tyric Magnison)
  • Armored Combat
  • Armoring
  • Brewing
  • Leatherwork
  • Making Garb
  • Music
  • Scribal Arts
  • Woodworking

Camping Events

Events at which the Household usually camps:

  • Acorn War
  • An Tir / West War
  • An Tir Crown
  • Egils
  • Sport of Kings
  • Summits Coronet