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This page gives you the fastest introduction for using An Tir Culturewiki to search, edit, and create new articles. See the main help page for more complete information.

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Step 1: Log in

The first thing to do is log in.

  1. go to the log in page
  2. enter your An Tir Culturewiki user name
  3. enter your password
  4. click "Log in" and you're done!

Step 2: Navigate to articles

There are several ways to navigate and find what you want:

  • Use the left menu for common links, such as the main page, current events, recent changes, and external links
  • Use the contents list on the main page
  • Go to the categories page, which groups articles by subject.
  • Try the recent changes page to see the latest additions to An Tir Culturewiki.

Step 3: Search for specific information

Use the search box on the left of the screen:

  • Go will find matches for your term in article titles.
  • Search will find matches for your term in the full text of all articles.

Step 4: Edit an existing article

A unique part of An Tir Culturewiki is that all readers are encouraged to contribute.

  • all changes are reversible
  • formatting is not necessary in most cases
  • if you have any questions

Begin editing:

  1. click the edit tab at the top of any article
  2. or, you can click the edit link at the right of each section heading
  3. make necessary changes to the text in the edit window
  4. click Save page at the bottom
    File:An Tir Culturewiki save.gif
    don't forget to click Save page!

Step 5: Create a new article

There are two main ways to create a new article:

  1. Follow a red, or "dead", link, which will take you directly to an edit page you can start adding information to.
  2. Write a term or word in the search box and click Go. If it doesn't already exist, you will be given the option to "Create this page." Well, go for it!

Step 6: Organize articles

Categories are one way to organize articles (see the full list). These are special pages that list all the articles assigned to that category.

For example, if you write an article about your group's new event called "Big Sticks'R'Us Tourney", you will want to add the article to the Events category. Every existing category will give an example for how to do this. For this example, you would copy this text to anywhere in your article (usually at the bottom):


Step 7: Advanced features

This tutorial has provided a basic introduction to working with An Tir Culturewiki. Many other resources are available to learn about more advanced features:

  1. , who would be more than happy to answer any questions you have, or provide training to you.
  2. Visit the help index for a list of all help resources available
  3. Visit the MediaWiki site for information about the software that powers the An Tir Culturewiki.