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Various Wikipedians have put together graphics tutorials. Some of these are still works in progress. It is preferred to work with open formats (such as PNG or SVG) and free licenses (such as public domain or GFDL) when possible. There are many free software programs available for creating and editing images.

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Vector graphics tutorials


  • Using Dia - page not maintained - Well suited to technical diagrams & flowsheets - PNG output, limited SVG support
  • Using Microsoft Word - page not maintained - Familiar to many users, easy to use - PNG only, no SVG support
  • Using OpenOffice Writer - page not maintained - [Similar to MS Word, PNG, buggy SVG import, no SVG output
  • Using OpenOffice Draw - page not maintained - As per OpenOffice Writer

Specific tasks

3D graphics tutorials

Bitmap graphics tutorials

Filesize optimisation programs

Open source programs

Freeware programs

Non-Free programs

Filesize optimisation tutorials

Photo editing tutorials

Combination tutorials

Software used for Wikipedia images

Vector graphics software

3D software

Bitmap software

Word processors with vector-graphics facilities

Panorama software

Related topics

External links

  • Grokking the GIMP: a comprehensive on-line book covering the GIMP, as well as graphic and digital photo editing in general