Geirrekr Moolfson

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Geirrekr is a 10th century Norseman from the south-east of Norway. He has spent time ' a viking ' , and along with composing song and story, he enjoys depriving other people of their hard earned goods. In AS XLII he fell in with Natt Sang a band of traveling Skalds.

Arts and Sciences

Geirrekr is an avid Skald, performing with his household at every event. He is currentlly playing a 6 string guitar, but is working on a buildng an anglo saxon lyre in the Trossingen style with a great deal of help from Torgny Vintrsorg

Heavy Combt

Geirrekr strives to fight in as period a style, and with as period armor as is possible for an 10th century Norseman, favoring a sword and roundshield. He is currently without a fighting company although he has fought with the Beevarian company of Glymm Mere