Gala Eriksdottir

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AKA: HL Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig. Gala Eriksdottir is her Norse persona (which no-one knows about) :D

Gala, who's name means "lovely voice" or "to crow or call loudly" (both of which are appropriate), hails form Sigtuna "Sweden" in the 10th Century. She is the only daughter of Jarl Erik Kjettilsson and Otkatla Ivarsdotr. She has 2 older brothers and one younger. Gala, like her Hiberno-Norse counterpart Sionann, can often be found playing musics on her lyres and/or singing songs of long ago and far away.

Gala/Sionann will be elevated to Laurel at An Tir July Coronation 2015.