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Aka "Arms", "heraldic device" or "device"
See also Badge

All SCA members should endeavor to work with their local heralds to design their own unique and historically appropriate arms or device. Branches, principalities, and kingdoms also have their own arms (which must include a laurel wreath), and may also have a populace badge.

A personal device says "This is me." A badge says "This is mine."

-- Mistress Arlys o Gordon

Note that you don't need and Award of Arms to have or register a device. It's just that once you are awarded arms, your device becomes your arms. In a practical sense, they are no different - they just get an additional name.

In Heraldry, a coat of arms is:

unique - one design for one individual or family historically (individuals only in the SCA)
heraldic - follows the design rules of heraldry
display - on a shield, tabard or surcoat

As part of an heraldic achievement, it's on a shield/escutcheon, with a helmet, supporters, and motto.