Clan MacFlandry

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Some of the MacFlandry brothers in their heyday
from left: Lyulf, Kendrew, Robert, Duncan, Gavin aka Pathfinder

The Clan MacFlandry is, despite some perceptions, a separate household from the MacFlandry Guard aka "MacFlandry Household Troop" ala the OP, although the same band of SCA brothers were instrumental in forming both. See also: Dungadar Ravensfuri aka Duncan MacFlandry, Kendrew MacFlandry of Dundee, Robert MacFlandry, Gavin Flandre aka Gavin MacFlandry, Lyulf de Flandry aka Lyulf MacFlandry...

As I was not a member of this household, but only of the Guard, this is as far as I can go at this time. Corrections and additions are welcome!