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Monseigneur Chrestien de Valois

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Chrestien de Valois was born outside of Paris, France in 1571.

Due to the political climate in Paris at the time he was raised by relatives of Henri Navarre in Navarre, France.

During this time Chrestien also began studying the Bolognese system of swordplay.

In 1584 he joined Henri Navarre's staff at the beginning of the War of Three Henries.

In 1589 Chrestien was made a Reiter Officer in service to King Henri IV and continued to serve in the French Army until 1610, eventually receiving both a Grant of Arms (1607) and the rank of Colonel (1608).

SCA Accomplishments:

Captain of the Guard for Doge Luciano Foscari of the Summits November 2012 - June 2013

Rapier Champion (Terra Pomaria) February 2012 - November 2013

Apprentice to Maestro Gregorio Cristovalez de la Vega An Tir / West War 2008

Captain of Cats, Principality of the Summits Rapier Champion 2007-2008

Member of the Order of the White Scarf 12th Night 2007

Kingdom Cut and Thrust Marshal 2006-2009

Rapier Champion (Terra Pomaria) February 2006 - March 2007

Cadet to Don Gregorio Cristovalez de la Vega 2005-2007

Award of Arms 2004

Golden Torc (Three Mountains) 2004

Cadet to Maestro Hans Dürrmast von der Wanderlust 2004-2005

Rapier Champion (Terra Pomaria) 2004-2005

Rapier Defender (Dragons Mist) 2003-2004

Cadet to Don Kendall Tempest 2003-2004

Branch Rapier Marshal (Three Mountains) 2003-2005

Senior Rapier Marshal 2002


Lord Sean O'Sirin

Lady Selvaggia Tomassi

Lady Tessina Felice Gianfigliazzi (09 January 2015)

Former Cadets:

Don Armand Chavez de Castille

Areas of Interest:

Bolognese Swordplay


Weapons, Armour and Firearms