Caer Lutris

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Caer Lutris is a household in An Tir. It officially incorporated at May Crown Tournament XXI/1986. The name means literally "House of the Otter" and was intended as a loose translation of the mundane home of the four original members, Funhouse. Although the household began in Adiantum, its members have now spread to diverse places across the Known World. The household has no overarching cultural theme; its members include personas ranging from Scythian to Elizabethan.

The three tenets of Caer Lutris: 1. If it's not fun, it's not worth doing. 2. Delegate widely, um, WISELY 3. If you push something hard enough, it will fall over.

As a household, Caer Lutris prizes independence, diversity, authenticity, research, handicraft, service (but generally not beyond sanity), pleasure, humor, whimsy, and tolerance. It is largely non-hierarchical; contrary to popular misconception, there are no "heads of the household". There are simply full members, then household dependents such as wards, pages, and house-carls. Generally, dependents are given the opportunity to become full members after receiving their Award of Arms, this being considered a mark of basic activity and investment in the SCA. Household decisions are reached by informal consensus. Though spouses and apprentices /squires/ students of household members can ask to join the household, they are not automatically members.

The founding members of Caer Lutris: Ambrose Mavrorothakis, Myfanwy ferch Tangwystyl (then known as Lindrael), Elisabeth Piper, William Beornsson

Other members include: Raven Qara ton, Marian Staarveld, Seonaid Connsacheal, Miklos filos Ambrosios, Aelflaed, Gwion ap Bleiddyn o Llanfair, Ariadne Leontodes, Aristera, Gabriel Luvdey, Fjorlief in Haga, Elanor of Eccles Hall, Grian Ruadh ingen Aed, Qulan

House-carls: Draefara (inactive), Santé (inactive), Forrest Woodward