Broken Mountain War XV/1980

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Though peaceful by nature, the citizens of Wastekeep have never been reluctant to take up arms in defense of their beloved homeland. In May of A.S. XV, travelers from the Wastekeepshire were trapped in the uninhabited central lands of the kingdom after ash was dumped by one of the mountains claimed by a neighboring barony. To prevent ongoing destruction from future releases of ash, early shire members had no choice but to declare war on the Barony of 3 Mtns (or 2.75 Mountains as we dubbed them at the time). And so, the conflict that became known as the Broken Mountain War was born.

Our aim was to wrest control of the mountain from 3 Mtns, since it was obviously angered, perhaps because it's holders had failed to meet its quota of sacrificial virgins. Wastekeep therefore demanded ownership of the mountain as well as a sacrifice of six virgins to calm the mount's restless spirit. (We later heard rumors that Stromguard's folks were angered at the usurping of a challenge that should have been theirs, but we responded by recruiting their troops to join us in battle.) Looking back on it now, we may have been a bit ambitious in declaring war on the strongest military force in the Principality of An Tir. (But in our defense, we were encouraged in the venture by the illustrious Baron Gerhard Kendal of Lionsgate, and Daniel Shadygrove, a Madronan, who both befriended, advised and welcomed us in early travels to kingdom events.)

After long nights of armoring, we managed to field nine fighters and six mercenaries to face seven of the most experienced and blood thirsty killers Three Mtns had to offer. (This group included the McFlandry brothers, Duke Steingrim, Jarl Ulfred, Baron Ludwig Von Lemminghaus, Sir Blackhand, and Duke Manfred, among others.) Plymouth Island was chosen for the clash of armies, and though buffeted by strong winds, strong friendships were formed that day that led to ongoing bonds between the two baronies. Our well-worn new fighters reveled in the opportunity to test their mettle and did manage to eke out one battle victory that day.

This war also brought the foundation of our current healthy treasury when a kissing auction held during the evening's celebrations filled the coffers. Despite the mosquitoes, sandy hillsides and the wind, which was even strong enough hold up our gorgeous but heavy war banner, this event built camaraderie within the group, and helped us get to know (and become known to) our neighbors.

In years that followed, the peace was disrupted by glaciers deliberately delayed, the theft of a banner, wandering livestock and a desperate need for lentils for our peasants, but nothing can quite match the memories of the accomplishments of meeting enemies in battle for the first time, and coming away with friends well met.