Briana nic h'Eusaidh

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Taim an Difruil Druimadeoir!

Many years ago, this pert young miss was brought along as childcare to a small Eisenmarche event by Lady Eleanor of Kings Lynn. Immediately enthralled by the ambiance (and handsome young men in armour), I had the honour of being fought for by Alexander the Somewhat Less than Sane, and became thoroughly enamoured of this state of Dreaming.

A love of ballads soon gave me a niche as a Bard, and a loud voice and good enunciation (and a background in linguistics) followed with another as a Herald. My skills with horses allowed me the honour of providing a mount for the Baroness Amanda of sainted memory to ride from her old castle to her new, at the Clinton war during Rorrik and Helena's reign, and then down the vale of Catcott to survey her lands with her Liege Lady, an experience she claimed was a magical Moment for her. (Few deeds give me such a warm glow as this.)

I was Gerhard and Amanda's Bardic Emmissary, was made Premier of Amanda's Cavalry, learned many things as Isolde de la Vielle a Roue's first Apprentice, and many more serving Darius and Morgaine as their Royal Bard and ersatz Court Herald. I dwelled joyously in Seagirt for seven years, serving where needed there, and cherishing what the unique sea air does for a bard's voice. I reside now in Lions Gate, but since my terms as Kingdom Bard, I have considered myself a citizen of An Tir.

I am now a journeying poet, drummer and storyteller of some small skill. Often seen in the company of my sister Elise, at the feet of my Dukes Darius or Skepti, sharing a beverage (and possibly a pair of coconut shells) with my dear friend and fellow Nancy, Violante von Osterreich, or hobbling about the judges tables at KAS and various bardic competitions. My passions are most things Irish and anything equine, and I aspire to give good service, after the model of my Muse, Amanda Kendal.