Banner War LI/2016

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September 16 to 18, LI/2016
Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA)
Gideon Hrafensfuri
Merchant Contact
Shane Harris of Redwolf Jewelry LTD
Masonic Family Park in Granite Falls
Annual Event
Banner War
20th Anniversary of Aquaterra as a Barony

Event Copy

Aquaterras 20th Anniversary as Barony

Come help Aquaterra celebrate!!!

The Sargentry of the great Barony of Aquaterra (Snohomish County) is hosting Banner War for the 20th Anniversary of our Barony.

The horns call your name! The thrum of your blood in your ears beats in answer; your rivals should be taught to hear its song.

Bring your sons and daughters and show them the power that is their birthright! Show those who follow in your prints what it means to be born of your blood! But when the ardor of the battlefield at last cools in the dusk, remember these are brothers, by better than blood. Sheathe the heralds of death and take back your cup and plate; light roaring fires, bring gifts and tales; clasp again the hands of neighbors in boasts of what has been, and toasts to what shall be!

All households wishing to raise a banner must declare themselves at Opening Court with a honor inspired donation to the war chest.

Date: September 16 -18

Site opens Friday at 3:00 PM, Noon for Merchants, Site closes Sunday at 5:00PM

Event Steward note: Other than the Coronets, the autocrat, the cooks and the gate person, there is no option to reserve space for any others. Space is first come first served.



  • 12:00PM Gate opens for set up and Merchants
  • 3:00 PM Gate opens for populace


  • 9:30 Am Morning Court
  • 10:00 AM Largess Contest, Siege Cooking, Armor Inspection Rapier
  • 11:00 Am Rapier Grand Melee, Vox Off, Armor Inspection Heavy
  • 11:30 AM Woods Battle Heavy
  • Noon Scribal, Gold Key Tunis Making, Thrown Weapons
  • 12:30 PM Heavy Field and Bridge Battles
  • 1:00 PM Arrow Making Class, Youth Archery
  • 2:00 PM Silk Banner Painting
  • 3:00 PM Games (Bocci Ball)
  • TBD Evening Court
  • 7:00 PM 20th Anniversary Tavern and Celebration
  • 10:00 PM Gate Closes


  • 10:30 AM Archery Range opens
  • 10:30 AM Thrown Weapons Range opens
  • 5:00 PM Site Closes

Event Highlights

What happened in court.

War Results



(Links to event pictures off-site)

Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

Personal Memories

A very rainy day Saturday. Despite that, stayed mostly dry, and enjoyed courts, wandering the event, chit-chatting with folks, and the tavern on Saturday night (where I was a server, somewhat spontaneously!). Had to change and leave during the middle of the day to go to a wedding at a Shinto shrine (one of two in the continental US) - fortunately only 15 minutes from site!

I saw that heavy fighting took place in a lake for the field battles, and I felt especially sorry for merchants that had significant rainwater pooling up under them. Still, there was good cheer about. The display for the 20th anniversary was well done, and it was great to see the various Barons/Baronesses at evening court. I was also kindly bestowed with the Silver Dolphin, so a good ending to the day! --Michelino di Gino Martini 18:26, 19 September 2016 (UTC)