BAO Coronet Cloaks

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A page for the Blatha An Oir Cloaks, created to be worn by the sitting coronets of the Barony.

Physical description

A pair of half-circle cloaks that are a bright azure field with six interconnected daffodils, stemmed and leaved. The bottom curved edge of the cloaks has an or and argent checky border. The cloaks are lined in dark vert the same shade as the laurel wreath. The neck opening is or with a laurel wreath that wraps about the shoulders. They are held closed by clasps with a daffodil done in contrasting cutwork metal on each side, and the open edge is bound shut with the same dark vert as the lining.

The cloaks are stored in a bag made in the same fabric with a daffodil blossom appliqued at either end. Or and argent checky abound. The handles and support of the bag are strips of the tablet-woven trim first created for the older set of cloaks and woven by HL Hroswitha of Helmsdale.



Baron Hengist and Baroness Marike, seeing their glorious cousins in fine raiment (recognizable even across great fields of battle), talked to the honorable HL Annaka Poznanska as she was a fine artisan and seamstress. They knew that she had been working to restore and create decorations and regalia for the barony in the past and hoped she could restore the cloaks that had been created by the populace for previous sitting coronets. She readily agreed to the task and called upon a team of past A&S Champions, Laurels, and Sergeants to help her take on this monumental project. Sadly, the former cloaks, due to time and moisture, had deteriorated so as to become unwearable and unable to be saved. So little of the former cloaks could be salvaged that HL Annaka took what she could and it was decided that the team should design and create entirely new cloaks for a new age. With the support of the populace and friends of the barony a large sum was gathered to procure new linen fabrics and thread. Although set upon by daunting events, bad health, and side projects that took precedence the team prevailed and the pair of cloaks were presented to the current Excellencies of Blatha An Oir, HE Gernon and HE A'yse, at Autumn War LII/2017 during final court on Saturday.

HE Marike drew and colored the final design discussed and created by the team, Master Sven cleaned and restored the clasps. HL Annaka headed the sewing team by creating the carrying bag and checky patterns. She along with Dame Melusine, Dame Elizabeth, HL Angharat, and HL Audny created the cloaks, including all the detail and applique work.