Angharat Wyth

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200px|Picture of Angharat Wyth in persona
Resides: Dragon's Mist
Date Started: 1997
Awards: Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
Offices: Youth and Adult Archery Marshal Deputy, Pursuivant Contingency Deputy
Per chevron purpure and sable, a chevron argent between two pheons and a feather bendwise sinister Or.


Angharat Wyth was born on the Island of Môn, near a town called Llanbedrgoch on the Eastern side of the island in the early 9th Century (834), in Gwynedd, one of the kingdoms of Wales. I enjoy hunting and shooting of arrows from a bow, singing and dancing, heraldry and cooking.

When I was 20 summers old, Rhodri Mawr fought back an invasion of the Black Host, and killed their leader, Gorm/Horm. During my 36 years (834 -870) the Black heathen army of the North Men have fought and taken over the the lands of the Eire across the sea from us. In that time, Llanbedrgoch has also grown into a small trading post for these Y Llu Du as well.

Due to favoring my left hand, and having it marked in a childhood accident, the monks on the island fear me and believe me to be a heathen like the north men and that the devil holds sway in my heart. I feel they are foolish, but no matter. Due to my father's status, they pressured my family to take me to Llanbedrgoch to meet with these north men, feeling that perhaps they would see me as a kindred pagan. I now live in Llanbedrgoch with these pagan raiders, trading with them, learning from them, and teaching them. North Men traders from across the sea have brought knowledge and arts with them as well, such as the harp, fabrics and embroideries, crafted items of bronze, gold, and silver, weapons, and the like, and they export our grain, horses, and unfortunately, slaves across the seas. Welsh women share an almost similar status to these north women, and they are trained in the ways of war as the men are.

SCA Info

Angharat lives in the Barony of Dragon's Mist where she is the Youth and Adult Archery Marshal for the Barony, and is also the contingency heraldic deputy. She is active in the heraldic, scribal, bardic, and archery communities. As of Carnevale 2014, she was taken on as an Arcuarius to Vadas Ersebet, OGGS. At Arts Gathering 2014, she was also made a member of the Hounds of Ull, a Baronial Archery Polling Order, as well as becoming the first Yeoman to Baron Finn.

Prior to living in An Tir, Angharat lived in the Middle Kingdom near the border of Northshield, in the Shire of Blackhawk from 1997 to 2010 and was known by her previous SCA name Scott MacCoy / Scott MacAlester. During her time in the Middle Kingdom, she was a member of House Silverhawk, a household based in Beloit, WI. She engaged in heavy combat, and was a man-at-arms to the head of the household, Talon of Silverhawk, who was squired to Duke Siegried Von Kulmbach of Northshield.

During this time, she was an active member of her shire, and from 1999 to 2002 was the branch Exchequer.

She took a break from the SCA starting in 2004 for personal reasons and began actively playing again in 2010 after she moved to Dragon's Mist.


August 1999 - AOA awarded at Pennsic AS 34 by Their Majesties Ragnvaldr and Arabella of the Midrealm

June 2014 - Dragon's Mist White Cloud awarded at Boars Head by Baron Refr & Baroness Svava

September 27, 2014 - Order of the Hounds of Ull (Premier Member) by Baron Refr & Baroness Svava

September 27, 2014 - Made a member of the Sergeantry as First Yeoman of Dragon's Mist by Barons Finn & Faunus

September 27, 2014 - Awarded a Goutte de Sang by Their Majesties Styrkarr and Stjarna