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"Take pains; Be perfect!" Act I, Sc. II of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Wllm. Shakespeare

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The An Tir Plaiers (aka An Tir Players) is a group of actors dedicated to presenting excellent Shakespeare (although we are also open to other plays by contemporaries of Shakespeare) to whoever will sit and watch.

The troupe was founded by Viscountess Chiara Fiamma from Danescombe in Tir Righ, who has a passion for all things Shakespeare, and who wanted to draw together more dedicated thespians in bringing Shakespeare to life in An Tir again. We are also associated with the Bards of An Tir (aka: The BOAT).

The members of the An Tir Players are from ALL OVER the Kingdom and "rehearse" via Skype. Thus anyone can be a part of the show no matter where you live. We have little props or staging, no blocking (for the most part) and usually only rehearse face-to-face an hour or so before presenting a play... which is pretty darn close how it was done in period... and we use a prompter for the occasional missed line (which is also period).
So far no-one has thrown rotten fruit at us, so we must be doing ok.

Look for us on the event schedule at 12th Night, Kingdom A&S/Bardic, May Crown, July Coronation & September Crown.

Frequent and reoccurring cast members include:
Chiara Fiamma | Jason Silvertongue | Jacob Faulkbourne | Martin le Harpur of Faulkbourne | Annik de Venoix | Collette de Venoix | Roger Gridley | Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig