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The Honourable Lady Amia Turner


mka Amy Waggener

Protégé to Madame Jacqueline de Lioncourt OP


Award of Arms Aug 25 AS 42 / 2007

Order of the Cattail, First Level, River's Bend November 22 AS 43 / 2008

Goutte de Sang May 2 AS 44 / 2009


Autocrat: Autumn Gathering, River's Bend, October 20, 2007, November 22, 2008

Pennsic 2007 Bag Team for Queen Miranda

Teaching Beading/Embroidered Bag class at Irish Feast Ithra, Aptil 5, 2008

Made largesse for TRMs Cedric and Elizabeth, Arnsbjorn and Reginleif Stromgard

Won first place for embroidered paisley at September Crown, Embellishers Guild

Made lap blanket with AnTir full-size populace badge motif as prize for River's Bend Defender 2009

Amia Turner.jpg